#14 Beard Gift Box: Beard Oil 30ml + Beard Balm + Beard Brush + Wash

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🎁#14 Gift Set Includes:

  1. Any of our 30ml Beard oil (5 different scents are available)(Please indicate scents as an order note)

  2. Beard, Hair & Face wash – Two different scents are available: Masculin Tobacco & Patchouli scent or cool, masculine scented Blue 100 ml. (Please indicate your option as an order note)

  3. Beard Brush Choose from 3 options:
    1⃣Large size 100% boar bristle beard brush or small size round beard brush with metal box (100% boar bristles), 2⃣Natural oak color or 3⃣ Dark coated oak (Please indicate your option as an order note on checkout page)

  4. Moustache Wax (Mint scent) or Uscented Wax. (Please indicate your option as an order note)

  5. Beard Balm (All Natural, Woodsy Scent) 30gr.

All our gift boxes also includes:

  • Stickers – Bearded stickers for your car & mobile phone
  • Greeting card with your text (Valid only on online orders) – Please indicate the greeting text as an order note. 😍

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