#31 Gift Set: Reuzel Beard Foam + Beard, Hair & Face Wash + 30ml Beard Oil


#31 - წვერის მოვლის საჩუქარი ბიჭისთვის ძმისთვის შეყვარებულისთვის
#31 Gift Set: Reuzel Beard Foam + Beard, Hair & Face Wash + 30ml Beard Oil

Treat your beard to a grooming ritual unlike any other with our #31 Gift Set. Featuring Reuzel Beard Foam, Beard.ge’s natural argan beard, hair & face wash, and Beard.ge beard oil 30ml. This set is great for both the new and seasoned beard enthusiasts.

Perfect gift set for all of your bearded bro’s or even yourself!

#31 Gift Set Includes:

  1. 70ml Reuzel Beard Foam – For all beard types, use daily or as needed to soothe dry skin under the beard and soften your beard
  2. 100ml Beard, Hair & Face Wash – Argan oil-based natural beard shampoo and body wash that cleans, moisturizes, and exfoliates the skin and beard. You can choose from one of our two scents:  Classic scent or Tobacco & Patchouli.
  3. 30ml Beard.ge Beard Oil – A concentrated formula that conditions and moisturizes your beard with a subtle shine and rich scent. Instantly softens coarse hair while promoting a healthy, itch-free beard. Choose any of our eight beard oil scents.
  4. Beard.ge stickers
  5. Custom greeting cards available upon request (Online orders only)
  6. Vintage Gift packaging sealed with an old-school wax seal

Make any of your gift purchases extra special by creating custom greeting cards with a personal message to the recipient. Simply specify your card request in the note section of your order. (available upon request, for online orders only)

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