#6 Gift Set: Beard Balm + Beard, Hair & Face Wash + Comb

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🎁#6 Gift Set Includes:

  1. Beard Balm (All Natural, Woodsy Scent) 30gr.

  2. Beard, Hair & Face wash – Two different scents are available: Masculin Tobacco & Patchouli scent or cool, masculine scented Blue 100 ml. (Please indicate your option as an order note)

  3. Comb, choose from 3 different combs:
    1⃣ Kent 20T hand-made in the UK or 2⃣Sandalwood comb with metal box or 3⃣Sandalwood comb for longer beards (Please indicate your option as an order note)

All our gift boxes also includes:

  • Stickers – Bearded stickers for your car & mobile phone
  • Greeting card with your text (Valid only on online orders) – Please indicate the greeting text as an order note. 😍

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