After Shave Lotion Nourish Sandalwood


Proraso პარსვის შემდგომი დამატენიანებელი ლოსიონი
After Shave Lotion Nourish Sandalwood

● Effective for rough beard
● Instantly moisturizes the skin
● Protects against irritation and rashes
● Stops the inflammatory process
● Made with organic ingredients
● Masculine parfume scent

Proraso, the renowned Italian brand, offers a specially formulated aftershave lotion for men with rough beards. The lotion boasts strong moisturizing and nourishing properties, helping to prevent skin irritation and inflammation. The sandalwood and shea butter formula imparts a warm and classic masculine scent, while the all-natural ingredients ensure that it is free from chemical impurities, sulfates, parabens, and silicone. Keep your skin healthy and smelling great with Proraso’s aftershave lotion.

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