Beard Balm By Azbane (50g)


Premium quality beard balm by Azbane 50gr - Beard ge
Beard Balm By Azbane (50g)

Beard balm is a product that is simply the perfectly balanced product between beard oil and mustache wax. Balm has taken the best parts from oil (softening power) and the little of styling power from mustache wax.

Quality is Ensured by Manufacturer’s 40-Year-Long Experience!

Our beard balm is rich and luxurious, made from the finest Moroccan Argan, it is the perfect balm to keep your beard in style, soft and classy 🙂

Super pleasant smell of an orange blossom is something you will love!

Using this will help you reduce any dry or itchiness which many gentlemen suffer with in the early stages of beard growth.

Top quality beeswax and Shea butter are the main ingredients mixed with 100% natural oils.

3 Crazy Beneficial Things when Using Beard Balm:

  1. Softening Power
  2. Styling Power
  3. Protects and Moisturizes your beard

Probably most of you may think if the balm is so crazy super product, why should you think about any other beard care products like beard oil & etc. In reality balm of course is really a super product, but it has not as many healthy benefits to your skin and beard and not as super hard styling power as mustache wax. 🙂

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