Moroccan Argan Face, Beard & Hair Shampoo (100ml)



We are happy to introduce one of our crazy healthy premium products: a 3-in-1 shampoo for beard, face and hair. Shampoo is specially designed to help create perfect environment for growing a longer, fuller looking beard and hair. It gently and super effectively cleanses, helps prevent scalp dryness and conditions the beard as well as the skin underneath.

Quality Is Proudly Ensured by Manufacturer’s 40-Year-Long Experience!

Aromatherapy scent of oceanic seaweed and rosewater create a relaxing, manly and rich scent, it will be hard to believe that an organic shampoo has given you such a rich and pleasant smell.

Shampoo is only made by 100% natural and organic ingredients, like for example: rosewater, Moroccan argan, cactus, sesame and castor oils, all together mixed create super healthy product that makes your hair, beard and skin super healthy and clean.

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