Moustache Wax (Firm Hold, Unscented)


Moustache Wax for Styling Your Stache -
Moustache Wax (Firm Hold, Unscented)
  • Holds your moustache in place with natural ingredients for 12+ hours
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Easy to use with just a small amount needed at time
  • Works with all types of moustaches
  • Unscented: Natural bee’s wax scent
  • Proudly Made in Georgia. Handmade by bearded folk Moustache Wax is made with all natural ingredients and has a subtle bee’s wax scent. This wax will keep your moustache in place and styled perfectly for 12+ hours. No matter what your unique style of handlebar mustache might be this fantastic wax will have you looking great all day long.

Holding your precious upper lip hair in place is no easy task. Your stache deserves a wax that can tackle any mustache and give you confidence. Moustache Wax handles all types of mustaches, even unruly ones due to its long-lasting hold. Keep your mustache looking its best all day long with a high-quality wax that was made in Georgia. Moustache Wax is packed conveniently in a 15 gr tin, so you can take it anywhere with you. It is perfect for everyday use and made to last.

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