Proraso Old Style Neck Brush


Proraso ბარბერის ფუნჯი წვერის და თმის შესწორების შემდეგ გამოყენებისთვის -
Proraso Old Style Neck Brush


● Professional, barbershop quality
● Cleans neck and face
● Soft bristles, does not irritate the skin
● Made of high-quality nylon
● Removes hair of any size
● Made in Italy

The Proraso brush with its soft, long bristles is an essential tool for every grooming routine. Its gentle yet effective bristles are designed to loosen hair from the neck and face after trimming or clipping. This allows for a more thorough and precise grooming experience. The brush is made of high-quality nylon & does not irritate the skin.

Using a brush is very effective with our magic product, the beard Bib, their combination ensures complete cleanliness when trimming beard and hair

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