Reuzel Aftershave


Reuzel პარსვის შემდგომი ლოსიონი - კანის დამარბილებელი -
Reuzel Aftershave
  • Softens and cools skin
  • Tones and moisturizes, preventing irritation
  • Helps your skin stay healthy
  • Leaves you feeling cool and confident all day
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Choose from two masculine scents

Reuzel Aftershave is perfect for when you want a clean shave with no irritation. It leaves your skin feeling soothed and moisturized while providing good protection from razor burn. Choose from two masculine scents: Citrus and Sandalwood scent or Wood & Spice: Lemon, Cedarwood, & Clove.

Reuzel Aftershave is a perfect finishing touch to an exceptionally close shave. This aftershave soothes and refreshes the skin after a shave and moisturizes, protecting the skin from the nicks, cuts and irritation that come with shaving. Reuzel Aftershave also has a toning effect, leaving the skin looking and feeling healthy.

Unlike many commercial aftershaves, Reuzel Aftershave does not contain a large amount of alcohol. This means that is does not dry out your skin.

Reuzel Aftershave is perfect for all skin types.

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