Reuzel Beard Foam Wood & Spice 70ml


ლი ქაფი რუზელი Reuzel Beard Foam Wood & Spice
Reuzel Beard Foam Wood & Spice 70ml


  • Beard stays soft and manageable with Reuzel’s patented beard foam formula
  • Increases the fullness of your beard
  • Protects and conditions beards
  • Restores moisture to dry, brittle beard
  • Reduces beard itching and dandruff
  • Excellent for those who have thin beards
  • Provides a refreshing scent that is not overwhelming or strong

Tired of having an itchy, dirty mane around your mouth? Quit scratching yourself raw with this easy solution! With just one quick application of Reuzel’s Beard Foam, you’re left feeling refreshed and smelling like a whole other person.

Reuzel Beard Foam is a must-have for your beard care routine. This excellent product protects and conditions your beard to reduce itchiness, brittle beards, dandruff, while enhancing thickness. With a refreshing scent that is not overwhelming or strong with notes of lemon, cedarwood and clove. Reuzel Beard Foam will condition your beard to make you look, feel and smell good all day long.

Beard foam unlike beard oils, have a thicker, foamy consistency. This is because it contains ingredients that allow for better styling control. Shape your beard with ease with this incredible product.

To use: Pour a small amount of foam into the palm of your hand and massage throughout beard. Once you have evenly distributed, you can style and shape your beard to fulfill your desired look. Use a beard brush or a wide-toothed beard comb to evenly distribute the product further.

For best results, use after shower when skin and hair are warm and face is clean. This allows for better moisture penetration into the hair.

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