Reuzel Clay Spray


თმის ფიქსატორი სპრეი, სასურველი ვარცხნილობისათვის -
Reuzel Clay Spray
  • Quickly adds volume and texture to your hairstyle
  • Creates a natural and textured look
  • Works for all hair types
  • Gives a matte finish without shine
  • Water-based formula, easy to wash out

This Reuzel clay spray provides texture and light hold for your hairstyle. The matte finish adds depth and definition to your style, giving you an effortlessly cool look. The water-based formula adds volume to finer hair while providing strong, textured styles without shine. Use Reuzel Clay Spray for natural, matte finishes that will work on any type of hair. Clay spray is very easy to wash out too as it’s water-based.

Works wonders on finer hair types but can also be used on other hair types to add texture and volume. Use Reuzel Clay Spray before using Reuzel Clay matte pomade for the finishing touch of your hairstyle.

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