Reuzel Mustache Wax – Bourbon Sidecar


Reuzel ცვილი ულვაშის ფიქსაციისთვის -
Reuzel Mustache Wax – Bourbon Sidecar


  • Strong hold, low shine
  • Natural ingredients
  • Aromas of citrus, sandalwood and bourbon
  • Made in USA
  • Size 28g

Introducing the limited edition Bourbon Sidecar Mustache Wax  from Reuzel only at

Set your mustache apart from the rest with Reuzel’s Bourbon Sidecar Mustache Wax. This high-hold, low-shine wax is perfect for creating complex and intricate mustache shapes that will impress everyone around you, plus its outstanding fragrance will keep you feeling fresh all day long.

Take a small amount of wax, it is important to keep your mustache and hands dry for the wax to work perfectly. Using your thumb and forefinger, melt the wax completely so that it becomes a liquid, oily mass before applying it to the mustache, after it is ready give the desired direction and shape to the mustache with your index and thumb fingers.

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