Reuzel RR Fine Fragrance


Reuzel RR სუნამო მამაკაáƒȘისთვის
Reuzel RR Fine Fragrance

◆ Uplifting, Refreshing, citrusy scent 🍋
◆ Long lasting scent ☑
◆ Made in USA đŸ‡ș🇾

Embrace your personal style, without being anything less than professional. The clean, light fragrance of Reuzel’s RR Fine Fragrance will keep you smelling fresh and ready at all times with a scent that last throughout the day.

RR Fine is a light and refreshing fragrance that features distinct aromas of citrus to keep you smelling fresh and ready at all times. This RR Fine Fragrance scent will accompany you throughout your day with its lasting power that can be smelled hours after application.

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