Sandalwood Folding Comb


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A really cool gift for a bearded man – folding comb made by natural sandalwood. Be sure to answer tons of questions about how cool the comb is. 🙂 It will help you manage knots and straighten hairs. Comb’s teeth are not too wide or even narrow, that’s why you will get the most of joy out of your daily grooming process.

Fits conveniently in your back pocket, but you will love the part when out of nowhere you take out your comb and start using your folding comb.

Size: 100mm

Interesting facts about sandalwood:
Within many centuries, in India and ancient Egypt burning sandalwood was an important part of some kind of religion rituals, for gaining internal peace and curing from depression. The scent out of burning sandalwood was magical and calming.

Essential oils of sandalwood have antispasmodic (relieve spasm of muscles), antibacterial (kill bacteria) and antiviral (kill viruses) properties. Sandalwood is used in treatment of inflammation, skin disorders, rashes, cough, fever, flu, hypertension and restlessness. Essential oils are used to improve functioning of liver, heart and stomach and to strengthen the gums of teeth and muscles.

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