Solid Cologne – Green


სუნამო ნატურალური ინგრედიენტებისგან -
Solid Cologne – Green


◆ Clean, Fresh, Woodsy scent
◆ Long lasting scent
Moisturizes your skin
Made by all natural ingredients
Comes with metal pocket box
handmade in London, UK

Our Green solid cologne fragrance is unique and lightweight, while still having a long-lasting scent. It’s made from natural ingredients and does not come with any harsh chemicals. These metal pocket boxes add an elegant touch to our product making it perfect for daily use and small enough to be placed in your pocket.

Green solid cologne is a fresh, masculine scent that will add a little spark to any dull day.

HOW TO USE: It is recommended to use your finger to scoop out a small amount of cologne and rub it with both hands, then apply to the neck area and/or your pulse points. 

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