Solid Cologne – Orange


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Solid Cologne – Orange


◆ Sweet & Woodsy scent
◆ Long lasting scent
Moisturizes your skin
Made by all natural ingredients
Comes with metal pocket box
handmade in London, UK

Solid Cologne offers you a natural alternative to traditional colognes & fragrances, giving you the option of easy application for all day coverage.

To use Solid Cologne, rub your fingertips into this handmade solid cologne and then apply it like lotion across your pulse points for an invigorating scent that leaves behind lasting impressions. This solid cologne with sweet woodsy scent is handmade in London, UK with certified organic ingredients, meaning no toxic chemicals are ever used during production. Comes complete with bonus metal pocket box.

Shop’s solid cologne Orange for fresh, long-lasting scents. Your nose will thank you.

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