The King Erekle II’s Beard Care Kit #4


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The King Erekle II’s Beard Care Kit #4

A great gift for any bearded man, the kit includes everything any man needs to start each day confidently and elevated!

🎁 What’s in the box?

1. Argan Shampoo for Beard, Hair, and Face 250ml – With a moisturizing and healing effect, it can be used on any beard and hair type. Available in three scents: Cool, Neutral, or Mildly Sweet.

2. Softening-Moisturizing Cream for Beard and Face 100ml : Unlike oils, the product is presented as a creme, it provides optimal moisturization and helps solve issues such as dry beard-related dandruff, split ends, and itching. It is available in three scents: Cool, Neutral, or Mildly Sweet.

3. Beard Oil 30ml – Suitable for any beard type and length, argan oil instantly softens and nourishes the beard, relieving itching discomfort and imparting an appealing fragrance. Choose from 8 scents: Cool, Mildly Sweet, or Piney.

4. Beard Balm 30g – Perfect for men with medium to long beards, our balm provides instant softening and light hold for a polished appearance. Choose between two scents: Piney or Light fragrance.

5. Mustache Wax 15g – With the strongest hold, this wax can be used to create the iconic Salvador Dalí style or to keep the mustache neatly tucked to the side all day. Available in two scents: with a Menthol scent or unscented.

6. Beard & Hair Comb or Brush: Choose between two popular combs, the British Kent 20T folding comb or the fragrant sandalwood comb, for all your beard and hair grooming needs. Or you can choose one of three beard brushes: a large black brush or a smaller round brush one in natural oak or dark oak)

  • Gift wrapping🎁
  • Stickers for your car, laptop, and mobile🌟
  • A customized greeting card with text of your choice (available only for online purchases). To include the desired text, simply indicate it on the checkout page in the last column, and we will make sure to include it in the package.😍
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