Tobacco & Patchouli (Premium Quality Beard Oil)



We proudly represent you our one of the most popular and famous beard oil – “Tobacco & Patchouli” made by 100% Organic and Natural ingredients. Remarkable beard softness is the instant result after rubbing our oil into your beard and the smell is so manly and indescribably pleasant that no one can handle it.

Quality Is Proudly Ensured by Manufacturer’s 42-Year-Long Experience!

Patchouli is a tropical brushy herb from mint family. In recent years using this herb in perfumery has become super popular through giant shark perfume companies. Mixed with Tobacco smell becomes elegant and perfect manly. Supposedly after rubbing our oil into your beard you automatically start smelling your mustache all the time, that’s how we do it all the time 🙂

Besides super smell, Tobacco & Patchouli beard oil contains huge amount antioxidants and organic ingredients that make your beard and skin healthy and shiny. You will forget about itchy beard. As an example castor helps to grow your beard healthier and denser.

Interesting Fact: Patchouli is a tropical brushy herb that grows 70-100cm and needs more than 20°C temperature. Patchouli’s homeland is a tropical Asia, Philippines, Maldives & etc. but from 1939 patchouli is also cultivated in subtropical zone of Abkhazia, Georgia.

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