Solid Cologne – Yellow


მყარი სუნამო მამაკაცებისთვის და ქალბატონებისთვის -
Solid Cologne – Yellow


● Long-lasting scent
● Organic composition
● Moisturizes and softens the skin
● Pocket-friendly
● Made in Great Britain
● Scent: neutral-sweet (agarwood)

Our solid colognes are made from a mix of natural oils, with an amazing scent and skin-softening-moisturizing properties. The yellow solid cologne has a remarkable, subtle and rich perfume scent produced by agarwood.

Agarwood, also referred to as oud, is regarded as one of the most valuable, rare, and precious trees in the world. It is the primary ingredient in many renowned perfumes and is widely recognized and in high demand. When used in perfumes, agarwood imparts pine, fruit, floral, and vanilla notes, creating a complex and alluring fragrance. The history of agarwood dates back to ancient times when it was so prized that it was reserved exclusively for emperors.

Key ingredients: beeswax, shea butter and jojoba oil + fragrance ingredients.

Usage: It’s super simple to use solid cologne. With the thumb of your finger, take out from the tin a very little amount of solid cologne, apply between your fingers, rub it together until it’s completely melted and then apply it to your pulse wrist, or neck. (It is recommended to use any cologne at the places of your body where the temperature is higher, so the scent will last longer than usual).

Keep the product in a cool place, Constant sunlight will harm the product. Keeping the solid cologne with top conditions, it will last 18 months from opening.

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